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Mailer box for mail order packaging in flat form delivery

Item No. : HB23
  • User-friendly, foldable, and easy to use
  • Flat delivery saves space in warehouse
  • 100% recyclable, gift packaging for mailing
  • Professional design and delicate quality
  • Reasonable price and excellent service
  • Innovative and economical
  • Customized colors and designs are welcome
  • Custom orders are welcome
  • Easy-assembling 
  • Any size can be custom-made

Product Details

Mailer boxes ( postal boxes  ) are a widely used printing product in the postal and e-commerce industries. We are a printing factory with over twenty years of experience dedicated to producing high-quality mailer boxes. Allow us to introduce our products and their features.

Our mailer boxes are made with premium paper and printing materials to ensure product quality and durability. It is a user-friendly, flat form delivery mailer box for mail order packaging. Whether used for mailing documents, small goods, or gift packaging, our postal boxes provide reliable protection and packaging solutions.

Our mailer box for mail order packaging in flat form delivery, user-friendly, which is designed to be flexible and diverse, catering to the needs of different postal and e-commerce businesses. Whether you require custom sizes, unique shapes, or specific brand logos, we can design and produce them according to your requirements.

Furthermore, our mailer box ( postal box ) printing technology is advanced, capable of presenting exquisite patterns and vibrant colors. We use high-quality ink and printing equipment to ensure clear and detailed printing effects. Whether it's corporate logos, advertising campaigns, or specific design requirements, we can meet your printing needs.

Our mailer boxes excel not only in appearance but also in functionality. We offer various additional features and design options, such as self-sealing, easy-opening designs, and interior padding for protection, to meet the needs of different mailed items.

With a professional team and advanced equipment, our printing factory can provide efficient production and timely delivery. Whether you require large-scale production or small-batch customization, we can meet your needs.

As an experienced printing factory, we provide customers with high-quality mailer box ( postal box ) products and printing solutions. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We look forward to working with you and providing excellent printing services.

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