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Bank Of China gift box with red fancy paper and gold hot stamping logo

Item No. : LTB20
  • High-quality gift box supplier
  • Packaging box manufacturer
  • Good for branding promotion
  • Reasonable price and excellent services
  • Innovative & economical
  • Professional design with hot stamping logo
  • Customized size and printing box
  • ODM/OEM orders are welcome 
  • Many fancy papers to choose
  • User-friendly

Product Details

Bank Of China lid and base gift box with red fancy paper and gold hot stamping logo, Bank Of China gift box is a type of packaging that is commonly used for gift-giving. This type of box consists of two pieces—a lid and a base—that fit together to create a secure, elegant container for the gift inside.

The Bank of China lid and base box ( BOC gift box ) is typically made from high-quality paperboard that is both durable and attractive. The paperboard can be coated in a variety of finishes, such as matte or glossy, to enhance the visual appeal of the box.

One of the most distinctive features of a paper lid and base gift packaging box is the way the lid fits snugly over the base. This creates a seal that keeps the gift inside safe and secure, while also adding to the overall aesthetic of the packaging. As a gift box supplier, we welcome your inquiry any time.

Another advantage of this type of gift box is the ease with which it can be customized. The paperboard can be printed with a wide range of designs, logos, and other graphics to create a personalized gift box that is tailored to the occasion and the recipient.

For example, a paper lid and base gift box can be customized with a company logo and used as a corporate gift box for clients or employees. Alternatively, it could be printed with a festive holiday design and used as a Christmas gift box for friends and family.

In addition to customization options, paper lids, and base gift boxes also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. This makes it easy to find the perfect box for any occasion, whether it's a small jewelry box for a birthday gift or a large box for a wedding present.

Overall, a paper lid and base gift box is a versatile and elegant packaging option that is sure to impress any recipient. With its customizable design options and secure fit, it is the perfect way to present a gift in style. 

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